Introverted Characters in Movies & TV Shows 📽

Who doesn’t enjoy watching a good movie or TV show every now and then? I certainly do, and as the daydreaming introvert that I am, who’s also guilty of taking any opportunity to feed my escapism, there’ve been plenty of TV shows and movies that I watched to dissapear from reality and that grew very close to my heart while doing so.

Without a doubt, I’ve spent a considerable amount of my time, nights as well as days, curled in warm blankets and watching heros and villains fight, love interests fall in love with the main character, as well as average people getting into the kind of trouble us real people would never dare putting themselves into. Many of these stories have one thing in common: the classic, confident extroverted maincharacter who’s getting the praise for everything, while the quiet ones have been putting all the work in in the background.

Today, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to some of my most favorite introverted heroes and main characters.

May these fictional characters inspire you to discover your hidden talents and own your (special) powers as an introvert. Enjoy!


Signs I look out for when typing fictional characters as introverted:

  • They process information internally & keep most of their thoughts to themselves
  • They engage in solitary activities more than they engage in social activities
  • They have a small social circle, most of the time ~one or two really good friends
  • They aren’t reckless nor put themselves into danger without a good reason
  • They are very loyal and honest to the people they love
  • They rarely intentionally draw attention onto themselves & usually avoid being put into the spotlight (like public speeches or other in-person social situations)
  • They are observers and often seem to pick up on little details others can’t see (i.e. in conversations, about people & the environment)
  • They need time to adapt to changes (like new surroundings) & don’t make new friends right away as it takes a while for them to feel comfortable
  • They are not the “open like a book”-type of people & often seem mysterious and reserved, sometimes even closed off when they are first introduced
  • They are often very empathic personalities with leader qualities, however they usually don’t strive for most leading positions (This can vary, though!)
  • They are often the ones to give people helpful advice & new perspectives
  • They will regularly get out of their way to help others (friends, family…) & find a way to fix things for them or help them out differently
  • They also rarely ask for help themselves & only bring their issues to the table when there is no possible way they can do it on their own
  • They need time to themselves to decompress & recharge after a busy week, especially on the weekends
  • They are usually not the ones to plan social gatherings & rarely attend bigger social events themselves

Most of the time, if you feel like a character is similar to you as an introvert, chances are quite high that they are indeed introverted characters!

However, this doesn’t always have to be the case, as many fictional characters go through a whole development phase over the course of a whole movie or tv show, making their personality sometimes even change entirely compared to the beginning. I think we all know those “introverted characters” that somehow lost all their introvert traits over the course of 90 minutes, or ended somewhere more in-between (=ambivert), as they’ve been put into all sorts of situations.

And unfortunately, sometimes screenwriters (also authors) misuse or misinterpret symptoms of mental illnesses like social anxiety/depression or even dissabilities to portray a “weak” introverted character. As you can probably imagine, this can be incredibly both hurtful & misleading…

If you struggle with pin-pointing if a fictional character that you like & resonate with is as introverted as you think they are, I recommend to check their MBTI Type in one of the many MBTI online databases. Even though this isn’t a scientifically proven way to tell if someone is actually introverted or not, it can give you a hint into the right direction.

Do you know other interesting introverted characters TV-Shows and Movie characters that have been inspiring and empowering to you as an introvert?

Feel free to comment them down below! 🙂

Legal Disclaimer: The illustrations used for this post are -not- mine.

All credit goes to the incredible artists!

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