Spice up your introvert life: Spring & Summer (Solo) Activity Ideas 🌼

With the change of the seasons, the warmer weather, and more sunny days, most people want to get outside more. Even we introverts tend to feel more motivated to leave our homes, participate in social activities and maybe go on a few little adventures with our closest friends.

I personally also experience an increase in social energy during the summer months, probably because of the big vitamin D boost we get from the sun during this time. The increase of daylight also leaves me feeling less fatigued, which I appreciate a lot. I don’t count summer as my most favorite season, yet, I do like to make the most of it nonetheless.

So here are my ideas & tips to spice up your laid-back introvert life during the sunnier days in spring and summer. Enjoy!

1. Go on nature walks & hikes

This is honestly also one of my goals this year – to go on more nature walks and also on hikes. I’m so in love with the beauty of nature, so I can’t wait to get outside more!

2. Make a solo-picnic outside (or with your closest friends)

Who doesn’t love food? My top picks for a yummy picnic would be croissants, a little bowl with blueberries, apricots/peaches, and fruit cake. And if I’m going solo, I will definitely bring a good book with me.

3. Go flower (or berry) picking!

Who doesn’t enjoy having some beautiful flowers at home? I personally love to decorate spaces with them, especially when I freshly picked from outside and didn’t just buy the from the store. Yes, I honestly can’t wait for the flowers to finally start blooming outside!

4. Bake yummy muffins or cakes with seasonal fruits

I think this is not only a very enjoyable activity, but you’ll also get yummy treats out of it. So, it’s absolutely a win for your present and future you, who will most likely appreciate the effort you put into this. My favorite fruits of the spring and summer season are blueberries and strawberries (both make amazing topics for cakes and muffins).

5. Enjoy a sunset by yourself (or with someone else)

Who doesn’t enjoy watching the sun slowly go down behind the horizon? I think sunsets are absolutely stunning to wtiness and I love the golden atmosphere it creates.

6. Go star-gazing and watch the (full) moon

Especially during summer, it’s probably one of the most romantic activities for couples. But don’t worry, solo star-gazing is delightful as well. I like to sit on the balcony when it’s already after midnight and sit outside during the full moon while watching the stars shine bright in the clear night sky.

7. Get yourself some new books to read outdoors

I love reading with all my heart and if there’s is something I do a lot during the spring and summertime, it’s grabbing myself a book to read outside in the garden or in the forest. Therefore, regularly getting myself new books is absolutely necessary so I won’t run out of good reads to take with me outside!

8. Dive into a new hobby & learn something new

I’m absolutely guilty of starting too many new hobbies and not following through with them after hyper focusing on them for one month straight. But does that mean I can’t just start with something completely new? No! I think diving into new hobbies is one of the most fun things, and there is pretty much no time during the year where you can’t just start learning how to draw or learn a new language.

9. Work on one of your biggest dreams

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of “hustle culture”, but with the new energy we get during spring and summer, we might as well put it into things that make us happy. So, how about finally fulfilling your dreams and start working on them?

10. Build up a new mindful self-care routine

It doesn’t matter how you intend to spend the spring and summertime, but taking care of yourself is essential all year round. And no, I don’t mean adding sunscreen to your skincare routine with that! I’m talking about trying out journaling, maybe get in some regular meditation, going on nature walks, giving yourself enough me-time, and setting healthy boundaries.

11. Go on a little solo road trip (or with a close friend)

I know that you think that you need a companion to go on road trips and see the world, but you absolutely don’t. At least, as long as traveling solo is a safe option for you where you live. Sometimes, as introverts, the things we enjoyed the most are often done alone!

12. Get to know yourself better to grow as a person!

A very underrated activity is getting to know yourself better… for example, by taking personality tests online, reading self-help books, or just journaling about what’s on your mind lately. We introverts are already excellent at self-observing and introspecting, so we might as well use this skill to improve ourselves and grow during spring and summer. What do you think?

13. Make yourself a music playlist & dance!

I love dancing. So much that I’ve started to go on forest walks with my favorite music saved on my phone just to dance my heart out in the middle of nowhere while nobody is watching. It’s super liberating and makes me so happy – every freaking time. Highly recommend this to all fellow introverts!

I hope you enjoyed my selection of fun spring and summer activity ideas to spicy up your life during the sunnier days. As an introvert myself, I know how difficult it is to make yourself try out something new and leave your comfort zones sometimes. Please, don’t take these ideas to make your life “look” like more fun for other people on the outside – we don’t do that here!

These are just my personal ideas and suggestions to help you find new activities you could try out if you feel like experimenting and changing up your routines sometimes. Without draining you of all your energy!
At the end of the day, all that matters is that how you’re spending your time makes you happy! It really doesn’t matter how “fun or aesthetic” they look for other people on the outside.

Always remember: You can’t miss out on something you never wanted to do in the first place! 🙂

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