Why where you live matters as an introvert (and HSP)

This probably doesn’t come to you as a surprise considering my website’s name (and on every other social media platform), but let me say it anyway: I’m german 🙂 And you might have already guessed it, I also live in Germany. More specifically, I live in the south of Germany, somewhere quite a bit outside of Bavaria’s biggest city Munich. And let me tell you, I’m so incredibly glad about the location I live in. Far away from the city, but also close enough that going to the city doesn’t take longer than an hour. (In case I need to be there for some reason.)

After getting to know myself better and better over the past years and learning about my introversion and highly sensitive nature, I’m incredibly thankful that I don’t live in or too close to the city. And to be honest with you… the happier I become in my own skin, the more I actually crave to move away even more. Funny enough, it hasn’t always been this way!

When I was a teenager, I thought living in the city would be perfect for me. I whole-heartedly believed that my life would become so much easier when I wouldn’t have to travel up to 40 minutes by train to reach the city center. Living in an apartment right in the city? For a very long time this actually was my dream! Until I realized, that I might not be the right person to live that dream.

Why shouldn’t you live in the city as a highly sensitive introvert?

At first, living in the city, having pretty much everything in walking distance, and being able to travel everywhere by train in less than 15 minutes sounded like the solution to all my problems. Mostly because I knew how exhausting train rides could be, especially if you had to switch train lines to get to your final destination. But after working in the city for over 3 years and spending a considerable amount of time there as well, I realized that living in the city isn’t for everyone – most definitely not for me. Luckily, I didn’t have to make the “living in the city” experience before realizing this!

What changed my perspective?

There are different things that I noticed that made spending time in the city every day and for longer than just one or two hours nearly unbareable for me.

Here are a few of them:

1. The constant noise caused by cars driving up the streets all day long (and of construction sites as well!)

2. The countless number of people running from one place to another (which causes strangers bump into you more often than it is acceptable)

3. The lack of fresh and clean air thanks to all the pollution

4. Traffic jams everywhere (hearing cars honk is so annoying!)

5. The countless buildings glued next to each other making greenery like trees and bushes a real rarety in the city

6. New faces & people everywhere you go (which I personally find very unsettling for some reason)

7. The hectic engery in the city (which is just super draining if you are one of those people who pick up on energies quickly)

And as a highly sensitive introvert, who is naturally very sensitive to outside stimulation of any kind, likes to feel safe and enjoys having lots of nature around…. all the mentioned things are just absolute horror!

And I’m not the only one experiencing it this way!

What kind of environments make sense for introverts?

From various conversations with fellow introverts and highly sensitive people, I realized that I’m not alone who doesn’t enjoy the city very much. And from my own experiences, I know now that what sounded pretty cool at first can quickly turn into a real nightmare for me. After working for 3 and a half years right in the city center, I could never imagine living in this or a similar kind of surrounding area.

What would I look out for when choosing my future home as an introvert & HSP:

I actually have been thinking about this quite a lot, and I came to the conclusion that there are certainly a few things I like to check off my list before I would even think about moving into a new home.

My biggest and most important points:

  1. Nature: I want and need nature around me, and ideally, there is a forest in near walking distance
  2. Calm area: I definitely don’t need to be living in front of a busy main street. So, the calmer the area, the better!
  3. Town size: The bigger the town, the more people are going to be around – so keep that in mind when you choose it
  4.  Transport infrastructure: This can be a tricky one, depending on how far outside the city you want to live

Of course, I’m not claiming that these points are absolute necessities for every introvert. But I do believe that you would absolutely benefit from taking these different aspects into account. I will keep those points in mind as soon as I move out of my parent’s home and decide to move somewhere else.

A little side notes: Some introverts are meant for the city. There will always be a few exceptions who absolutely adore the city life, and if you happen to be one of them – congrats! Still, for the majority, living in the city is an absolute nightmare, and from what I’ve experienced, I will never recommend it to any introvert out there, let alone highly sensitive ones.

What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments or over on Instagram.

I can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Why where you live matters as an introvert (and HSP)

  1. I live about the same distance from the city and feel the same way. It’s much calmer to be around nature and less people and I’m not affected my the energy of the city from way out here.

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  2. I can totally feel you! I live in a very big city right now. Luckily I don’t live in the crowded center but more in a part that is like a small city itself with lots of green around. But nonetheless I would love to move back to the countryside. Just living completely surrounded by nature … I would love that!

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  3. I’m a bit different when it comes to cities and introverts. I grew up in a small town, with lots of nature around, which was the only positive thing about it. Small towns are just not for me, I feel so narrowed there & I was soo tired of seeing the same faces all the time. 🙈 Right after school I moved to a bigger city and I enjoy it here, but the only place I really really want to be is Berlin, actually. Since I’ve been there as a kid, even though I never lived there, it has somehow felt like home. The only other place I came close to this feeling was London. 😅 I think I need the anonymity of big cities, the possibilities and creativity, and the soul of the city. My other option would be living somewhere near the forest with no neighbours nearby tho, so the complete opposite to big city life. 😀 I’ve just come to the conclusion that I’m not a fan of small towns.

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    1. That’s such an interesting perspective! Thank you for sharing it with me & the community.🧡 I totally get that you like the anonymity of big city! And crossed fingers you’ll be living in Berlin (or maybe even London) someday!🥰 Personally, I found Berlin way to big for me, so I unfortunately didn’t enjoy it – but I know that plenty people really love it there!


  4. I was born and grew up in Frankfurt Hessen in a turkish family.. I’m an introvert and highly sensitive person myself, also a high school teacher now.. and I moved a lot in my 20s. Unfortunately I was never welcome in small cities or villages, because I am “different”. Even tho I LOVE nature I can’t calm down because of small minded people and all the gossip that not only affects my health but also my career..


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